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Sessions cost £55. You choose how many sessions you need

Currently at Capacity

Please see the contact page for more details

What Now?

Taking the first step towards something new can be intimidating, especially when you’re struggling. With that in mind, I’ve outlined here what you can expect from our first stages of collaborating, right from when you first contact me through to what happens after our first session.

  1. Arrange your consultation

    I am currently at capacity for taking on new clients.
    However, you can submit your details on the contact page to be placed on the waiting list.
    When a space becomes available, I’ll contact you to see if you still want to book a consultation.
    If so, we’ll arrange a time and date to speak.

  2. The Initial Consultation

    An informal chat of up to 30 minutes to:
    Get to know me.
    Ask me any questions.
    Let me learn more about you.
    See whether I’m the best person to help.

    If we both think we’re a good fit, you’ll be able to book in your first session, or go away and have a think about it if that’s what you prefer.

    There is no pressure and no obligation.

  3. Book a session

    If you want to book a session, we’ll find a date and time that works for us both. You’ll have the option to choose between an online session (Monday or Thursday daytimes), or a face-to-face session in my practice room Manchester city centre (Sundays).

    Sessions are usually weekly, but we can discuss other frequencies if you think that’ll be better for you.

    You’re not committed to a specific a number of sessions: this is something we can look at together on an ongoing basis depending on how you feel the sessions are going. We’ll go at your pace and you’ll always be the one in charge of how many sessions you have.

  4. Price

    Each session lasts 50 minutes and costs £55.
    For online sessions, payment is made in advance, and I’ll give you details of how to do this when you book.

    Payments can be made on a pay-as-you-go basis, or some people prefer to book a series of sessions in one go so they can plan their diaries around them.

    I offer discounts when you block-book four or more sessions in one go. I can tell you more about these options during our first session. If you’re coming to an in-person session, you can pay by cash or card on the day, or in advance if you prefer.

  5. Your first session

    For online sessions, I’ll send you a confirmation email, with the time and date we’ve agreed along with a link and log-in you can use to join our session when the time time comes.

    I’ll also send you a couple of bits of simple paperwork in advance for you to read through before our session. You’ll have the opportunity in our first session to ask any questions about them.

    For in-person sessions, I’ll send you the full address and directions for your chosen location. You’ll need to ring the buzzer so I know you’ve arrived, then I’ll come to the door to let you in and show you where our room is.

    It’s totally normal and understandable to be a bit nervous and uncertain at this stage, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

    When our first session starts, I’ll explain the way I work and what you can expect.

    We’ll discuss confidentiality, so you can choose what you share with me from an informed, empowered place.

    Then you can tell me more about what’s been happening for you, ask any questions that might have arisen since our initial phone chat, and explore what you might want to get from our sessions together.

    Towards the end of the our first session, I’ll let you know that our time’s coming to a close. This will allow us to bring our conversation to an end and talk about next steps.

    If you want to book in another session, we’ll do that together before you go.
    If you want time to think about it, that’s completely fine too.

If this sounds like something that could work for you, I’d love you to get in touch. Head to the contact page to book your initial consultation.

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Jane is open, intuitive, positive, sensitive, creative - everything I needed from this experience. I felt heard and supported throughout and I've ended this phase feeling empowered and excited to move on.

An absolute godsend! I can't thank you enough for all your support over the last weeks. This experience will stay with me for life: a safe, non-judgemental environment where I was able to work through some very difficult stuff with an insightful and extremely helpful human! Jane is very respectful, easy to trust and talk to, and just very lovely. Immensely beneficial.

This experience has been life-changing. My sessions with Jane really helped me become more resilient and gave me the tools I need to move forward. I'm ending our sessions feeling so much more positive about the future.